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Welcome to the fine Art of Lisa Ledwick and shop! This is a place where I share who I am with you. I use a range of media and styles but in every piece, I love to focus on the details.

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My Story

A little bit about me...


I am a printmaker and illustrator by trade and use these techniques in my art. The art-making process helps me to develop a sense of agency for myself, by interpreting my life's circumstances in such a way that can be communicable via some sort of narrative between the image and title.


Nature and the environment around me is always my first source of inspiration. I work intuitively and during the art-making process there is a soliloquy between me and the artwork which manifests visually. This internal form of communication is an intimate experience which I share with the viewer. It is not my aim for the viewer to know my thoughts but rather to share in the experience of the image’s beauty and have their own internal dialogue with it.


My focus is on Fine Art painting, drawing and printmaking. However, I'm also open to commissions, collaborations, illustrative work and anything else you have in mind. Get in touch and let me know.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

+66 907 085 410

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